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Institut Dr. Flad
Berufskolleg für Chemie, Pharmazie, Biotechnologie und Umwelt

Ausbildung mit Markenzeichen. Seit 1951.
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Die Vorstellung der Schüler im Europäischen Parlament

» Schüler machen Europapolitik - Ein Bericht zweier eingeladener Schüler
» Flad-SchülerInnen im Europäischen Parlament

Institut Dr. Flad
Vocational School for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Environment

Breitscheidstraße 127
D - 70176 Stuttgart
Tel: (0711) 63 74 60
Fax: (0711) 63 47 618
E-Mail: info@chf.de

"A "European Year against Racism" is certainly not enough to face racism. But it can help to sharpen the public awareness of the importance of a society being open to all groups and races."
Klaus Hänsch

We are happy being invited to "EUROSCOLA" and would like to introduce to you:

  1. our activities parallel to the "European Year against Racism" and
  2. our cooperation with the european campaign "all equal, all different".

The "Campaign Courage" (Bonn, Germany) which is the german section of "all equal, all different" awarded us the title "School without Racism".

This award obliges us:

  1. to avoid and to prevent all forms and expressions of racism and discrimination,
  2. according to the educational aim of our institute - to take the initiative against racism and for the communication of all human beings and cultures,
  3. to oppose all racist organisations and their propaganda
  4. to organize recurrent projects to overcome violence and racism,
  5. and to cooperate with the national and international movement "School without Racism".

We organize a year with projects around the topic racism:
Month Topic
January Discussion and preparation of the programme at our school
February Visit to the vespers-church, food for the homeless
Workshop "Blue-eyed/Brown-eyed"
March Foundation "Geisstraße 7", Exhibition "Living in Stuttgart"
Partially sighted work with us in the laboratories
April Discussion with the representative of foreigners of Stuttgart
Second meeting of the workshops "Blue-eyed/Brown-eyed"
May Examination of the living conditions of foreign and german teenagers in Stuttgart
June Visit to the South German Broadcasting Station (SDR) "School without Racism" in the radio programme "SDR 3-Club"
S u m m e r h o l i d a y s
September Introduction of the new pupils into "School without Racism"
October Meeting with the WW II - generation, discussion with the senior participants of the "International Award for Young People" - program
November Our patron of "School without Racism", Dieter Baumann visits us, doping test for Dieter Baumann, cross race with Dieter Baumann
Exhibition "Human Children" in Geisstrasse 7, Presentation of our poll "Living condition of foreign and german youths in Stuttgart"
December Discussion about the past "Year against Racism"



One of the projects that really impressed us is the workshop "BLUE-EYED / BROWN-EYED" developed by Jane Elliot.

The participants of this workshop are divided into a group of privileged "brown-eyed" people and into another group of "blue-eyed" people who stand for all the bad abilities minorities are accused of. The real colour of their eyes doesn`t matter in this case.

During the WS a microcosmos of our society is created where the "blue-eyed" people are being methodically discriminated. The participation in this WS reveals the unjustice of racism and discrimination. So the participants are sensitized and willing to do something against it in the reality.

Address of the WS-leader:
Dipl. pol. Jürgen Schlicher
Kantor-Schmidt-Str. 15
35083 Oberrosphe
Tel. : (06423) 51 479
Fax. : (06423) 51 444
E-Mail : schlicher@mailer.uni-marburg.de


» Schüler machen Europapolitik - Ein Bericht zweier eingeladener Schüler
» Flad-SchülerInnen im Europäischen Parlament