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Institut Dr. Flad
Berufskolleg für Chemie, Pharmazie, Biotechnologie und Umwelt

Ausbildung mit Markenzeichen. Seit 1951.
World Water Day 2001 - Agenda 21 NOW!   (03/2001)
An account of our participant students. - Bericht der teilnehmenden Flad-Schüler.

Welcome to World Water Day at the Institut Dr. Flad in Stuttgart, Germany.
Have a look at the photographs - that´s us: we are chemical-technical assistants, pharmaceutical-technical assistants and environmental technical assistants to be and are very happy to join the international internet conference at world water day on Thursday, March 22nd 2001.

Topics around water and agenda 21 have been prepared in various subjects:

  • Economics and politics with Mrs Schmitt-Bucher
  • Environmental Chemistry with Miss Pfiz
  • English with Mrs Moser and Mrs Schnier.

We are students of Lehrgang 51, nearly half way through our two year course at the Institut Dr. Flad. We will be taking turns on the internet in order to join the conference during the entire nine hours of our school day.

Please get in contact with us under www.agenda21now.de - we are looking forward to loads of interesting discussions around water and agenda 21!

Standing from left: Sigmund Düll, Eduard Brier, Christine Schmidt, Matthias Pöschl, Raymond Walter, Jonas Glocker, Alexander Scheffold, Maximilian Ahlburg.

Sitting from left: Ines Kropfelder, Michael Holzt, Angela Wolf, Sarah Baudler, Verena Böhm, Dominique Gallo.


Standing from left: Sonja Glöckler, Anja Meister, Hans Griesinger, Patrick Wolff, Jörn-Peter Schall, Daniel Funk, Felix Kleinert, Lars Menger.

Sitting from left: Stefan Bauni, Sebastian Binder, Sabrina Ebner, Frank Trautmann, Mario Wolf.