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Institut Dr. Flad
Berufskolleg für Chemie, Pharmazie, Biotechnologie und Umwelt

Ausbildung mit Markenzeichen. Seit 1951.
Professor Atkins at the Institut Dr. Flad

Prof. Dr. Peter W. Atkins

On January 29th, 2003, Professor Dr. Peter W. Atkins gave a lecture on "Making Molecules Matter" at the great lecture hall of the Institut Dr. Flad and with that started a series of events celebrating the "Year of Chemistry 2003". As already indicated by the title Professor Atkins showed the connection between molecular structure and visible properties of our surrounding matter - an area of research where many questions still lie to be answered. Following the lecture Prof. Atkins had kindly agreed to run a workshop on the above topic, hence allowing especially interested listeners to approach certain aspects in more detail.

Professor Atkins was educated at the University of Leicester, where he read chemistry. After his PhD in electron spin resonance he continued his studies at the University of California Los Angeles and returned to Oxford University as Fellow of Lincoln College and Tutor in Physical Chemistry. His research is in the field of mainly theoretical chemistry, particularly magnetic resonance and the electromagnetic properties of molecules.

He is most renowned world wide for his college text books such as "Physical Chemistry" and "Inorganic Chemistry". Titles such as "Molecules" or "The Periodic Kingdom" have managed to open up science to general audiences.

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