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Ausbildung mit Markenzeichen. Seit 1951.

Mondialogo Express: Petaling Jaya - Stuttgart

Malaysian-German newspaper

July 2004

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Mondialogo Express: Petaling Jaya - Stuttgart
Malaysian-German newspaper, July 2004

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Learning and living in Stuttgart

Learning and living in Stuttgart

Stuttgart Our home town Stuttgart has a lot to offer: loads of varieties to spend one's free time with sports, cultural events, going out with friends or simply enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape. On this page we want to introduce you to OUR Stuttgart, the way we see it and the way we would like to show it to our Malaysian partner team. There are also some striking similarities and of course distinct differences between Stuttgart and Kuala Lumpur ...

A city of just over half a million inhabitants Stuttgart is also the capital of Baden-Württemberg, one of the 17 Bundesländer Germany is divided into. The city center is quite beautiful, with a mixture of old and new buildings and sites and it is particularly good for shopping, too.

Have a look at our main shopping street, the Königsstraße. This picture was taken from the tower of the main station.

If you want to get a first good view of Stuttgart you should climb onto the TV tower in the South of Stuttgart - quite similar to the tower in Kuala Lumpur! (See picture below!)

Stuttgart Stuttgart Kuala Lumpur

TV tower in the South of Stuttgart

In summer the central square called Schlossplatz is a perfect place to be out and about, to relax from a shopping tour and experience the real Stuttgart life - more or less 24 hours a day!

Historical sights are an integral part of Stuttgart, like the Old Castle right in the city center. Even if they don't play a very important role in every day life they still make Stuttgart a very comfortable and beautiful place to live in and link former days with modern times. Especially the Christmas season turns Stuttgart into a fairy tale ...

Old Castle

Football fans like Oliver are regular visitors to the Gottlieb-Daimler stadium, which hosts one of the top German football teams and hence attracts thousands of visitors each week. But it is not only used for sports: major open air concerts make famous highlights in the Stuttgart night life!

If you prefer musicals make sure you visit the SI Centre which features "42nd Street" at present - tap dance at it's best!

The famous Stuttgart Ballet and one of the best German opera houses can be found in our city, too - why not chose this alternative to the usual cinema?

theatre project From time to time our students organize their own event, for example a party to celebrate the end of term or, like on Wednesday 16 June, a theatre project reviewing the course of chemistry over the past few thousand years. Texts, songs, lyrics, stage set-up - all had been done by students only and an enormous success rewarded their year-long effort!

Schillerplatz in Stuttgart - temple area of Kuala Lumpur

Looking at the famous temple area of Kuala Lumpur there are some distinct differences between our two countries and home towns - but it is pretty obvious that there is not so much of a difference between young people all around the world! It would be great if we could one day visit Malaysia and meet the TDH Stars personally - and we would very much enjoy to show our Malaysian partners around Stuttgart!



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Mondialogo Express: Petaling Jaya - Stuttgart
Malaysian-German newspaper, July 2004

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