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Institut Dr. Flad
Berufskolleg für Chemie, Pharmazie, Biotechnologie und Umwelt

Ausbildung mit Markenzeichen. Seit 1951.

Mondialogo Express: Petaling Jaya - Stuttgart

Malaysian-German newspaper

July 2004

Malaysia Team
Mondialogo - Verständigung weltweit
Flad Team

Our mondialogo project

Real important breakthroughs never come easy ... A good phrase to symbolize our project start with mondialogo: it was only in May that we were finally twinned with our great partner team in Malaysia, so time was running short and yet we managed to come up with the idea of a joint Malaysian-German newspaper, introducing our schools and home towns but most importantly showing each other the way we live, learn, spend our free time, etc. 6 Malaysian students and 18 German students exchanged experiences and ideas, had to overcome communication problems - and got to know each other a little bit - enough to encourage further contact and maybe even a student exchange program between Petaling Jaya and Stuttgart in the near future ...


The Institut Dr. Flad

is a private school that offers its students a two year vocational training to become either a chemical technical assistant (CTA), a pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA) or environmental technical assistant (UTA). Around 300 students from all over Germany and from all around the world attend the school in order to prepare for a professional life in science, research and pharmacy - areas with promising future prospects throughout! Theoretical and practical studies are combined at equal ratio and are linked with an ever growing range of various extracurricular activities, hence leading to not only a thorough professional training but an education for life!

Founded over 50 years ago the Institut Dr. Flad has continually built up a reputation as one of the top schools in Germany - for the benefit of its students who start into professional life from the pole position.

At the Institut you are not merely "a student" - you will eventually become a "Fladianer", a term used to indicate the strong spirit of knowledge as the basis for understanding, of effort leading to achievement - and of belonging to a family that supports the individual.
It is not mere facts that count today - it is the true understanding of related topics, the ability to handle multilayered tasks, to gain knowledge through structured learning - and to understand, above all, that there is a lot more "out there" than just chemistry!

GLOBE network

A school that cares: we don't put up with minimum effort! Instead the students and teachers get actively involved in national and international projects, invite guests from various fields of expertise and regularly open up the school to the local public, allowing them a detailed insight into science and research. Student cooperations within the framework of international UNESCO projects, regular environmental analyses to be fed into the worldwide GLOBE network, extra lectures involving Science Across the World - it is quite easy to open up the horizon with so many possibilities to chose from!


Science Across the World

International Award for Young People It is often the extra bits that count most: students who want to go into even more detail on specific topics like biochemistry or environmental studies can do so in their leisure time - and even get a recognized degree for it! Others join the sports group or participate in the International Award for Young People to unwind and make new friends!
Stuttgart The Institut Dr. Flad is situated in the heart of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg in the South-West of Germany. Stuttgart has a lot to offer: a lively and thriving city with a sound social infrastructure - theatre, opera, ballet, museums, sports, concerts, shopping - and a most beautiful countryside to be discovered ...


Mondialogo Express: Petaling Jaya - Stuttgart
Malaysian-German newspaper, July 2004

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